Seat Webbing

SKU: WJ1820001

Type: Elastic Webbing
Put Up Size: 10 Yards


Elastic Seat Webbing is 2" wide and made from commercial-grade, continuous beads of natural latex rubber, wrapped in threads of polypropylene fiber to protect from oxidation. It is extremely heavy-duty with very little-to-no stretch. 

Jute Seat Webbing is a coarsely woven, 3-1/2" wide band of jute, which is exceptionally strong and has minimal stretch. Jute Seat Webbing is used for traditional upholstery seats and backs of furniture.

Rubber Seat Webbing is 2" wide, durable and heavy, giving firm and resilient support. Rubber Seat Webbing was first manufactured in the 1950s. It's often found in mid-century modern and Danish modern furniture. It can be used as an alternative to springs.

Choose webbing style and roll size.

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