Sales Tax For US Customers

In recent years, many states have started requiring stores to charge sales tax on online purchases made by their residents. We add sales tax to your order if your state requires us to collect your state and local sales tax. 

We know that many of our customers run businesses. If your state requires us to collect sales tax on your purchases, and your business has a tax-exempt account for your state, we can work with you to set up a tax-exempt account with us. Use our contact form to send us your tax-exempt ID number and we can convert your account to a tax-exempt account on our site within 2 business days. 

Sales Tax For Arizona Customers

The Arizona Department of Revenue requires us to charge sales tax on every purchase unless we have a copy of your Arizona Tax Privilege TPT number on file. Use our contact form to send us your AZ TPT number and we'll make your account tax-exempt within 2 business days. 

Trade Accounts

Do you run a trade business? We offer trade accounts for selected businesses that offer you some additional savings on our website pricing. If you would like to set up a trade account, use our contact form and tell us a bit about your business. Include your phone number so we can call you to get more details and explain the benefits.