Wood Square Tapered Curved Furniture Leg - With Height Options

SKU: LW0760200W

Height: 12"


Square Tapered Curved Wood Furniture Leg; With 5 height options, all in a walnut finish.

12" tall, 2.12" upper width, 2.12" lower width.

14" tall, 2.25" upper width, 2.12" lower width. 

14.5" tall, 2.25" upper width, 2.12" lower width.

15.5" tall, 1.37" upper width, 1.5" lower width.

16.63" tall, 2" upper width, 1.37" lower width. 

Choose leg height. 

All of our legs are made of eco-friendly and very durable rubberwood. Please note that color and size may vary slightly due to the natural properties of wood. 

[walnut LL2880W] [walnut LL1514W] [walnut LL1515W] [walnut LL2715W] [walnut LL2725W]

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